Baby Wrapper

For a mother to wrap her new born baby. It's also  used for resuscitation if the is not breathingl.

Cord Clamp

The benefit of this pack is when mothers give birth in the villages, they use thread from anywhere which causes cot death in Africa, its very high as the thread slids off causing death.

3 Baby Diapers

when the baby is born the only way to find out how much they pass out is by weighing their diaper.

Sisterhood Mama Pack


Does it work? 

There is strong evidence that distributing these products has reduced;

  • Child mortality

  • Transmission of infection from one mother to another

Infection of the baby’s navel

Birth Mat

It gives dignity but most of all protects both the mother and the baby from unnecessary infections.

Sterilized gloves & Surgical Blade

In most centres they use reusable surgical blades, for the purpose of ruducing cross infection. We include a disposable sterilized surgical blade to discard it immediately after use. We provide two sets of sterilized gloves for the mother and the baby for single use only.

Baby Vest

this is a basic necessity. As it minimum the risks of pneumonia.

Baby Overrolls

It helps them to keep warm from the cold at least first two days that babies need to be warm enough.

African wrapper

In most cases mothers have only two wrappers with them, when they give birth the use the second wrapper for their baby or they have to wait for one to dry out if it was used during birth.



For the first few days after giving birth it is recommended, to use cotton pad, as most of our beneficiaries use washable clothes which cause many infections.


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