Rwanda Sisterhood Association is very proud that its achievements of 2014 were attained despite little resources. All the members are deeply appreciated, for being committed to the cause, but most importantly for their sacrifice in terms of giving funds and their time to all the activities that were done and successfully executed in 2014.

Here is a summary of these activities:

  1. Mama Pack (core activity of the association):350 Mama packs were distributed over a space of nine months to vulnerable mothers. Despite the associations’ target of 500 packs for the year in review, Sisterhood believes that it did very well under the circumstances.

  2. Sisterhood in collaboration with Rwandese community and friends managed to fundraise for the transportation and putting Sara Mbabazi at her final resting place in Uganda, a sister of one of its members

  3. The Association is very proud that it was able to assist a Rwandese child suffering from a very aggressive skin cancer to a 10 year old kid leaving in Burundi. The funds raised were able to assist in the diagnostic of the disease, buying of medication and accommodation of the mother and child in Kigali for a period of one month. The child still needs some more medication and needs to see some Spanish doctors who might help in lesser treatment of the skin disease. Fundraising for this is still on-going.

  4. Organised and Executed Successfully International Women’s Day: With the participation of nearly 170 women from 14 different countries, the association was very proud with the way the whole event went.

  5. Networking: The association in its quest to sensitise other ladies outside London about its activities visited Oxford, Reading and Nottingham. Visits to other towns are in the pipeline. All the visits were wonderfully executed and the welcome and arrangements were outstanding. SISTERHOOD WHOLE HEARTEDELY THANKS EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED.


The association proudly participated in most of the activities organised by the High Commission in London; among them:

  1. Lighting the torch for the commemoration of the 1994 genocide;

  2. Participation in the 20-years Commemoration of the genocide in Birmingharm;

  3. Ndumunyarwanda Conversation

  4. Prayers for the country in Westminister Abbey

  5. Global Conversation on Rwanda: House of Commons

  6. Demonstrations against the BBC on the Rwanda Untold Story

  7. Demonstrations against Les Combatants

  8. Participation in the Mini-Rwanda Day

  9. Social Activities:The association managed in this period to successfully carry out:

  10. Visits to the sick

  11. Visits to those who lost loved ones

  12. Organise and execute farewell parties to members who left the country

  13. Children’s Christmas party

  14. Celebrate Father’s Day in a big way

  15. Christmas lunch for members

Rwanda Sisterhood Association is very proud of its achievements in 2014 and look forward to doing even more in 2015.

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