Happy News from Kigali

We received happy news from midwife Jocelyn, Kigali that our Mama pack was actually worked and beneficial for young mum's giving a birth.

Here's the story.

It was not a Silent Night at our house! At 6:40 pm, a young client, 17 yrs old came to the house with her auntie, thinking she was in labour. In reality, when I checked her in my spare bedroom/ office, she was fully dilated and pushing. Danieke Michaela helped set up quickly for a birth (Never before in our house) because this baby was coming imminently, with head already visible. Called Ruthie Fehr and she arrived at 6:55 pm , quickly got ready to assist and baby was out about 15 minutes later. Not what we were planning for Christmas, as I had just set dinner on the table!smile emoticon It takes a village! Richard boiled water for instruments, Isabelle Rudahinduka rushed over to translate, Amanda Bennett and Alphonsine Souvenir came for support of this client. Thankful for "room at the Inn" tonight. They are resting and overnighting in my spare bedroom. The irony does not escape me that it's Christmas and we had an unexpected teenage delivery in an unexpected place at an unexpected time. That. And a full moon. Beautiful baby girl and mom and both resting well. Thankful for a sterile scalpel for cord cutting, Pitocin, eye meds and Vit K I had on hand and 2 Mama kits at home for emergency birth supplies. Thanks Souvenir Mutesi! (I raided 2 of the kits for all the supplies I needed quickly!- Thank your London Rwandan women for the blessing they were tonight!) All the kids were praying, with Richard Jelsma on the other side of the door! He was stellar and ran around to find what I needed!

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