Students from Watford Grammar School for Girls visited Kigali

Rwanda SIsterhood Patron and Head Mistress of Watford Grammar School for Girls, Dame Helen and her students visited Kigali this week.

They visited Batsinda Community Rwanda to see expecting mothers to hand out Mama Pack and also to teach them how to knit so that they can get a skill to create something new by themselves.

We successfully delivered the customized wheel chair for the vulnerable girl who we made a post last time. Dame Helen gave her a blanket, too.

Girls also had another exciting visits. They visited the local school, Excella School as well to understand the education system in Rwanda.

Our Patron, Mrs. Leonia, CEO, Souvenir and one of Sisterhood, Sophie hosted this tour.

New Times covered this visit. See their website: Rwandan women in UK donate to the vulnerable

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