Souvenir Mutesi CEO of the Rwanda sisterhood meets Celine and Jacuqes outside their old home (central picture). They were living with Jaques father in a small make shift shelter with one room, which had a single mattress for them all to sleep on and no windows. The Rwanda sisterhood helped to rehouse Celine and her family to more suitable accommodation and get essential medical care for Jacques. At only 18 years of age Celine gave birth to Jaques at home without adequate medical care, like many women living in her country. As a result Jacques has suffered some nerve damage which means he has difficulty holding his head up. Doctors say his condition is operable and he can lead a normal life. The Rwanda sisterhood are aiming to raise £800 for Jacques to have the operation.

Jaques could be one of the lucky ones, many children like him who suffer trauma during childbirth develop irreversible damage, for these children care is often challenging to obtain and is further compounded by a stigma towards children with disabilities. To help support the work of the Rwanda sisterhood in raising the profile of mothers like Celine and children like Jaques visit the website. Www.rwandasisterhood.org

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