RSA IT manager


Takako Yamaguchi

RSA IT manager


Takako Yamaguchi is a web designer originally from Japan.
She completed her BA and MA in Art & Design at Tama Art University, Tokyo, Japan 2006. Since then she has been working as a web designer for ten years. She became a web director of Rwanda Sisterhood Association in 2014

She started her career as a web designer and planner in a busy production office in Tokyo 2006. She took charge of many different projects, from developing e-learning systems for commercial companies to supporting an environmental documentary program making team. A key component of her work has been designing UI for information systems at museums.

Meanwhile, she is keen to work for charity and non-profitable projects in her spare time, to do something useful for the society. She worked for Hunger Free World, Fukushima Children's Fund and many more organizations as a volunteer designer.

She is also enthusiastic about children's education, especially IT education. She started to work with Mr.Yasunori Harada, Japanese computer scientist since 2009 to develop his visual programming language for kids, Viscuit ( with him. She established the non-profit organization Digital Pocket in 2011 to create a space for Viscuit to kids to learn how to make programming more fun. She designed educational contents for Viscuit and led hundreds of workshops throughout Japan to make kids creative.

Since 2012, she moved to London to start her new life. She studied and volunteered in Camden Adult Community Learning in 2013 -2014. As a teachers' support in computer classes, she was in charge to support learners and encourage them using computers and other devices. She gained a prize as a volunteer in the Adult Community Learning championship in 2015.
Her commitment to voluntary work brought her the opportunity to help the Rwanda Sisterhood. She's set up and maintained the website of RSA and produced publications for their events.